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Objective Modula-2

Objective Modula-2 is a superset of Modula-2 with extensions to natively support the Objective-C object model and runtime. It borrows its syntax from both Modula-2 and Objective-C. Most of the syntax, including conventional function calls, is inherited from Modula-2, while the syntax for object-oriented features, including message-passing, is borrowed from Objective-C, which itself derived this syntax from Smalltalk.

In addition to Modula-2 and Objective-C/Smalltalk derived features, Objective Modula-2 has several other features such as Modula-3 style aliased imports, C++ style single line comments, C style postfix increment and decrement operators, a built-in base type UNICHAR for unicode characters and C style string literals with backslash escaped character code notation. Since Objective Modula-2 supports the Objective-C runtime natively, Classes written in Objective Modula-2 can be used within Objective-C and vice versa.

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