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My program will store what a user inputs in a text box into a variable after they click the enter button. How do I set things up so that the data will go into one of my program variables when the user enters something in the text field?

Note that you named “textFieldChanged:” in your nib file. it could just as easily been called “superInsanity_KILL_KILL_KILL:”, or whatever.

– MikeTrent

There’s a little mumbo-jumbo to be managed in Interface Builder in order to set this up: You need to select the text field and set its property so that it sends its action when the user presses Enter. You do this with the Attributes view when you Show Info for the text field in IB. You also have to connect the text field to the textFieldChanged: action by control-dragging from the text field to a representation of the object that implements the above action. If you haven’t yet got that “representation”, find the class name in the IB class browser and instantiate it in the nib file. Then you will have something to connect to.

For an introduction to accessor method, try AccessorMethods or HowToTransmitDataBetweenClasses