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Run the program and then do the following:

*Load Image - choose an image *Click the Main Image dropdown and choose Object 1 *Click the Image dropdown and choose Horizontal text *Click the Invisable dropdown and choose Above *Click the Object 1 dropdown and choose Main Image *Load another image *Move it with X and Y sliders.

The program will mess up, and usually quit.

I get this: *** -[NSCFString replaceOccurrencesOfString:withString:options:range:]: nil argument

The app won’t quit if the two occurances of:

[tstrin drawAtPoint:NSMakePoint(xv[temp],yv[temp]) withAttributes:attrs];

in Itemcontroller.m

Any idea why?

nil argument means you’re passing nil to a function that won’t accept it– use the debugger to find out which variable is nil, and either fix what’s causing it, or put in some error checking to handle it if it is.