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OmniAppKit is TheOmniGroup’s set of extensions to Apple’s AppKit.framework, full of cool stuff to make Mac OS X application development even easier. Some highlights:

OmniAppKit also includes lots of extensions to Apple’s classes to make creating rich user interfaces much easier.

Here is a list of the extensions and subclasses that have documentation so far on CocoaDev. (In no particular order, feel free to organize!)

*OAShrinkyTextField *OASplitView *OAConfigurableColumnTableView *OAThreadCheckingView *OATypeAheadSelectionHelper *OAFontCache *OAContextButton *OAGradientTableView *NSWorkspaceOAExtensions *NSWindowOAExtensions

If you are thinking about using the OmniFrameworks you should also look at them and see how much of the classes you are going to use OmniBase and OmniFoundation weigh in at around 650K together (yes that is stripped if I am wrong please tell me), i would say OmniAppKit will be around the same. So either be prepared to take a hit in application size or spend quite some time slimming things down in project builder.