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OmniWeb is a Cocoa web browser by TheOmniGroup. Currently, it has the best localization support, the best ad blocking, and has a wonderful interface. Version 4.5, which was recently released, uses WebCore as its rendering engine, finally bringing it up to par with other browsers as far as speed and standards go.

I think OmniWeb does have the best rendering engine – at least for fonts. The smooth, anti-aliased text is fantastic! Simply put, OmniWeb makes web pages look better. But I admit there are bugs (ambiguities?) here and there.

Another benefit is the real-time spell checker in text fields. This means all of my CocoaDev entries are spell checked before I ever hit save. That’s fantastic for a WikiWikiWeb community.

I use OmniWeb for nearly all of my web browsing needs. I say “nearly all” because some sites, especially those that use Java or JavaScript, don’t work in OmniWeb. But Omni’s Java support is getting better all the time, so there’s some hope. So in the meantime I use OmniWeb for my routine web sites, and fire up Internet Explorer once a month or so to go to that odd page that doesn’t work right. It brings me one step farther from Microsoft…

Yes, I registered my copy of OmniWeb.

– MikeTrent

I have used OmniWeb virtually exclusively for more than a year now, and seldom do I have any problems. It is getting more and more stable, and it does generate wonderful pages! The GUI is fantastic and it gets all the Cocoa goodies.

I have not paid for it :-(, but I will. On the other hand, I did the Swedish translation of 4.0.6, so I guess I’m in the green. ;-)

– DavidRemahl

OmniWeb is bliss. I am mad at TheOmniGroup for not releasing version 5 until next summer. Version 4.1.1 is the best that there is. Internet Explorer looks puny in comparison. One thing they should do though: Fix the JavaScript DOM support (which is a planned feature of 5).

– TheoHultberg/Iconara (unregistered user)

I don’t like OmniWeb and I disagree that it has good OS integration.

It doesn’t integrate with Internet Config, and it has piss poor drag+drop support. In Explorer when I drag an image link I drag three types of data: a url clipping, a picture clipping, and a text clipping (the alt=). OmniWeb on the other hand will only drag one type of data, and when I drag a picture it will drag a link to a file on the filesystem. WTF?!

I find the interface annoying on other fronts as well. For example the completed downloads window is ludicrous. It uses a huge amount of space for no reason and if you move the file while it’s being downloaded it won’t expand. Furthermore there is no option NOT to have the damned window open when I download a file. If I want to monitor my download I would prefer to use the network activity window.

Input gestures are wacky too. I can’t command-up/down to home/end. I can’t option-click to download. There are a million other things but you get the point.

I only use OmniWeb to view Flash movies since it doesn’t use the Event manager which unfortunately Explorer still does. Sometimes I can’t even do that since JavaScript doesn’t detect the plugin. If Explorer would use Carbon events and stop popups I wouldn’t use OmniWeb.

– PaulBayley

OmniWeb 5 will come out on February 2nd, check out –JoshaChapmanDodson