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See for news and information regarding OpenGL.

What is OpenGL? (from )

OpenGL is a cross-platform standard for 3D rendering and 3D hardware acceleration. The software runtime library ships with all MacOSX, Unix, Linux and Windows systems.

There is some info on OpenGL on various platforms at NeHe, including OS X (using GLUT, whatever that is) (GLUT is the OpenGL Utility Toolbox):

Some GLUT examples exist on the system in /Developer/Examples/GLUTExamples

Apple has an NSOpenGLView Teapot example on their web site (he said he found it by searching Google). Also, there is source to a set of OpenGL screensavers on EpicWare’s site.

– StevenFrank

Yeah, the EpicWare code isn’t great example code. Eric just basically got them working and left them alone. Looking through the code is fine (that’s what it’s there for), but don’t take it as gospel.

Here are some tips I’ve developed over the past year for working with NSOpenGLView.

Here’s a function I use to report errors in GL. Call it after every gl function call with some descriptive text (say the name of the function you just called).

private_extern void CheckGLError(const char *note) { GLenum error = glGetError(); if (error) { NSLog(@”%s [%d]: %s”, note, error, gluErrorString(error)); } }

– MikeTrent

See also FadeFromBlack

– MikeTrent

By the way, Apple’s updated all of their own information regarding Cocoa and OpenGL…seems good so far!

– RobRix


This little project is looking really good, but it’s the work of only one man! It is an open source 3D mathematics and scene graph API moving toward alpha release 1.4. I would dearly love to see this project succeed really big.


OK, technically this is a Carbon system, but QuesaCocoa now works with NVidia cards in Jaguar, meaning it is effectively useable with your NSView subclass. If you programmed with QuickDraw3D in the past, you should check this out. Very mature and very powerful. Too bad it’s not in Objective-C.

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