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OpenMCL is a free, open source version of Macintosh Common Lisp. It is an implementation of ANSI Common Lisp [].

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On MacOS X OpenMCL has an experimental Cocoa interface:

OpenMCL has a fast incremental compiler and compiles directly to PowerPC machine code. OpenMCL is a relatively compact Common Lisp implementation. OpenMCL is written in a mix of some C, some Assembler and Common Lisp. The whole OpenMCL implementation can be recompiled in a few minutes. OpenMCL has an inline PowerPC assembler with AltiVec support. External Shared Libraries can be used.

OpenMCL runs on LinuxPPC and MacOS X. The MacOS X version is a native implementation.

Currently the typical development environment for OpenMCL is Emacs + Slime.

Like any implementation of ANSI Common Lisp, OpenMCL supports CLOS, the Common Lisp Object System. CLOS provides the Lisp developer with a rich facility for object-oriented programming (objects, classes, slots, generic functions, methods, meta classes, multiple inheritance, multi-dispatch, …). It also includes fully native threads with support for multiple CPUs.

OpenMCL is under active development by Gary Byers of Clozure Associates []. Clozure also offers commercial support contracts and consulting. Next major feature (as of September 2005) under development is support for 64 bit PowerPC under both Linux and MacOS X.

Since OpenMCL is based on Macintosh Common Lisp, the core Common Lisp, even in the version OpenMCL 0.13.2, is very mature.


? (room) There are at least 69,099,000 bytes of available RAM.

              Total Size             Free                 Used Lisp Heap:    70694536 (69038K)     69099000 (67479K)      1595536 (1558K) Stacks:        5192224 (5071K)      5189836 (5068K)         2388 (2K) Static:        2181584 (2130K)            0 (0K)         2181584 (2130K) 922.469 MB reserved for heap expansion.

? (list-all-packages) (#<Package “ILISP”> #<Package “OPENMCL-SOCKET”> #<Package “INSPECTOR”> #<Package “OS”> #<Package “ARCH”> #<Package “ANSI-LOOP”> #<Package “PPC”> #<Package “COMMON-LISP-USER”> #<Package “SETF”> #<Package “CCL”> #<Package “COMMON-LISP”> #<Package “KEYWORD”>)

? (require ‘cocoa) ;Loading #P”/Volumes/OSX/OpenMCL-0.13.2/ccl/examples/cocoa.lisp”… ;Loading #P”/Volumes/OSX/OpenMCL-0.13.2/ccl/examples/apple-objc.lisp”… ;Loading #P”/Volumes/OSX/OpenMCL-0.13.2/ccl/examples/cocoa-window.lisp”… ;Loading #P”/Volumes/OSX/OpenMCL-0.13.2/ccl/examples/cocoa-listener.lisp”… ;Loading #P”/Volumes/OSX/OpenMCL-0.13.2/ccl/examples/cocoa-editor.lisp”… ;Loading #P”/Volumes/OSX/OpenMCL-0.13.2/ccl/library/pty.lisp”… “COCOA”

? all-processes (#<PROCESS Listener(3) [input-wait] #x55072B6> #<PROCESS Cocoa Event Loop(2) [Cocoa Event Poll] #x550680E> #<PROCESS external-process-watchdog(1) [Arrested] #x517F85E> #<PROCESS Initial(0) [Running] #x5071126>)

? (run-program “df” ‘(“-k”) :output t)
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/disk1s12 6692920 6114720 511272 92% / devfs 100 100 0 100% /dev fdesc 1 1 0 100% /dev

512 512 0 100% /.vol /dev/disk1s9 6692920 6192288 500632 92% /Volumes/MacintoshHD /dev/disk1s10 6692920 3360680 3332240 50% /Volumes/data01 /dev/disk1s11 6692920 6004396 688524 89% /Volumes/data02 /dev/disk0s9 20969604 14148720 6820884 67% /Volumes/OSX /dev/disk0s10 96239648 81361472 14878180 84% /Volumes/data automount -fstab [484] 0 0 0 100% /Network/Servers automount -static [484] 0 0 0 100% /automount automount -fstab [565] 0 0 0 100% /Network/Servers automount -static [565] 0 0 0 100% /automount #<EXTERNAL-PROCESS [1564] (EXITED : 0) #x518A5DE> </code> See also: AllegroCL, LispWorks