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I want to trap (NSDocumentController) _openRecentDocument in my document based application.

I known that this function is private but can I do that ?

– Jean-Michel Marino

1) Creating a subclass of NSDocumentController like this :

#import “AMDocumentController.h” #import “Controller.h”

@implementation AMDocumentController

-(IBAction) _openRecentDocument:(id)sender { Controller *ctrl = (Controller *)[NSApp delegate];

if([ctrl respondsToSelector:@selector(setFlagOpenRecentFile:)]){
	[ctrl setFlagOpenRecentFile:YES];

// ---- don't forget...
[super _openRecentDocument:sender]; }


2) add member m_flagOpenRecentFile and function setFlagOpenRecentFile into your controller class.

3) instantiate this new class into main nib.

– Jean-Michel Marino