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OpenSourceSoftware is software whose source code is made publicly available. It has sparked quite a few debates of late, but probably, the most balanced view is that it has its place, just like closed source software does.

See, (SourceForge) and

Major open source applications: Apache (web server), Linux (kernel), FreeBSD (OS), MySQL (database), PHP (web scriping language), PostgreSQL (database), Emacs (editor), Mozilla (web browser), Perl (programming language: PerlLang), Darwin (OS), gcc (C/C++/ObjectiveC compiler)

Not to be confused with FreeSoftware. In terms of licensing and conditions, OpenSourceSoftware is a superset of FreeSoftware (all FreeSoftware is also OpenSourceSoftware, but not the other way around), though they are philosophically very different. (See for information on the differences, legal and philosophical.)

After reading the GNU blurb I am confused – I thought FreeSoftware meant it was gratis, whereas OpenSource means the source accompany the program (but it’s not necessarily gratis).

For more information see:,,, and perhaps

Another good resource for information is: It provides a list and a brief summary of all OpenSource licenses. Before you release OpenSource code, I’d strongly suggest looking through the list to find the one which best suits your needs –OwenAnderson

That is a list of FreeSoftware licenses, not OpenSource. There are differences between the two, though basically all FreeSoftware licenses also comply with the OpenSource Definition. The Open Source Initiative maintains a list of licenses which they have approved as OpenSource-compliant: – AdamAtlas

The term describes code that is open. I won’t go into discussing the differences between free source, open source etc. Feel free.

Examples (?):

Emacs wiki: Emacs for MacOS:

See CocoaOpen for a list of OpenSourceSoftware using Cocoa.