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In 2004, this was rumored to be Apple’s new name for RendezVous since they got sued over the use of the old name. Eventually, Apple picked BonJour instead, and the transition to the new name publically started in April 2005 with OSXTiger. OpenTalk was a favorite with fans because of its apparent tie-ins with the old collection of (at the time novel) network technologies AppleTalk, the technologies that IP and BonJour collectively replace.

And it’s WikiFriendly. How convenient.

What’s WikiFriendly?

Rendezvous != WikiFriendly; RendezVous == WikiFriendly; OpenTalk == WikiFriendly && WikiFriendly == WikiFriendly;

I revised the top section to summarize the OpenTalk rumors and the fact that we ended up with BonJour instead, as the former text seemed to state that OpenTalk was in fact the new name. –WooTest