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I am trying to open an image from a file using a standard open dialog and using the resulting path in an -initWithContentsOfFile method. When I test the NSImage that I just created with -isValid I get ‘NO’.

What might I be doing wrong?

One thing you’re doing wrong is asking for help with your code without providing the code. ;-)

Fair point. I guess I just thought I might be missing something conceptually and someone might see that right off.

Anyway, here is how I’m trying to open the image:


Yup, you do have a conceptual problem. In ObjectiveC, you need to alloc an image before you initiate it. The proper way to create your image is:

theImage = [[NSImage alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:[sheet filename]];

On the offchance that you already called alloc (slightly bad style), at least remember that init methods can return a different object than the one you have, so you still need to use “ theImage = “ –JediKnil

That was it. Thanks.