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Are there any libraries/frameworks out their that allow you to easily generate web content. What I want to do is use web kit to display pages inside the app and have the app write those pages. HTML is a lot prettier than RTF which is what the alternative basically is if you want to display a lot of textual information.

As a PS, I wanted to add that I don’t really want to just run a CGI or perl script from my cocoa app. Doing so in my case would be very inconvenient, especially given the overhead of communicating the darn script… I really need something that I can call from within my cozy cocoa enviornment. Obviously, just plugging in strings to a file isn’t that bad, but it would be nice if there is already something out there.

You will want MiscMerge. It’s great. Get it at (I think). You can get it to work with RTF as well as HTML. It’s a very powerful template language all written in Obj-C/Cocoa.