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Please add information about languages which support Cocoa natively in CocoaLanguages, and those which do so via a bridge in CocoaBridges

Native support means the language uses the Objective-C object model and hooks into the Objective-C runtime directly - no translation.

Bridge support means the language’s own object model is bridged to the Objective-C object model through translation.

Has the issue of Cocoa development with languages other than Obj-C or Java been discussed somewhere here?

Several choices exist: provides a list of languages bridged to Cocoa.

This is the first time I came in, but could not find anything with the search or otherwise. So took the liberty to add a note in the CocoaMostWanted (to see if anyone else would want it :) and mentioned PythonCocoa that I’d like to use myself and RubyCocoa that just found on the net (in Japan, see ).

Perl people actually tell that Apple has an internal perl<->obj-c bridge for this! < > – ToniAlatalo

Unfortunately, I think that you are in the minority. It’s already a miracle that Apple got the Java bridge together. I think other languages would be very unlikely.

The ChangeLog for RubyCocoa lists many contributions from someone

It doesn’t necessarily have to be an Apple-made technology, I wouldn’t think, but it’s still probably not very likely that anything will be released for binding other languages to Cocoa. Which is unfortunate…

– RobRix

Well, there’s the AppleScript - Cocoa connection. That could be a starting point. At least it’s technically possible to replace AppleScript with another language via OSA.

(see also: )

Of course this probably would amount to basically re-writing the language compiler / interpreter in question, so I doubt that it’ll happen. But if it did, you should be able to access Cocoa from there in much the same way AppleScript does it since AppleScriptStudio.

– JensBaumeister

I’ve been kicking around the idea of a limited DyLan-ObjectiveCee bridge. I don’t think the technical obstacles are insurmountable, except one: the only Mac OS X Dylan implementation, GwydionDylan, can’t do multi-threading – Dustin Voss

Let me add that the Dylan-C bridge doesn’t appear to support vararg C function calls. That is another difficulty.

The Mono people (and at least one Apple employee) are working on a Cocoa bridge, unimaginitively called Cocoa# (CocoaSharp) []. No formal release yet, but the current bits are available in Mono’s anoncvs repository, the module name is Cocoa#.