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I have a method, and then a function:

-(void)update; -(NSNumber *)maxPopulation;

maxPopulation takes no arguments - it uses instance variables to determine the value to return. But whenever I call maxPopulation in update, PB says: ‘maxPopulation’ undeclared (first use in this function). Any ideas about what I’m missing?

Looks good to me. Let me see the code of the maxPopulation in the .m file.

Better show us what project headers you’re including, as well.

You have declared maxPopulation as an instance method of whatever class you are working on. It is not a C function. To call it you need to send a message to a class. So in update you probably want to use something like NSNumber *max = [self maxPopulation];

Yep, that’s what it is. When you declare something as an instance method, you can’t simply type something like

myNumber = maxPopulation;

Rather, you have to send it as a message to an object - say

myNumber = [self maxPopulation];