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PDFKit (Tiger only) is Apple’s framework for creating / editing PDFs.

PDFKit Programming Guide:

PDFKit Objective-C Reference:

Not to be confused with this: ;)

*Perish the thought! Okay, fine … PDFKit.framework … happy? ;-) *

After working with the framework for a while, I ran into a problem where using a constant key for the metadata attributes dictionary (returned from -documentAttributes) would cause an undefined symbol when linking. For instance, in this code:

…everything would compile fine, but PDFDocumentTitleAttribute would cause an undefined symbol in the linking build stage. Doing a google search I found a page in French that suggested this is a bug in the framework, rather than a problem with my project. Luckily for me, someone there also suggested these values for the dictionary constants:

PDFDocumentTitleAttribute –> @”Title” PDFDocumentAuthorAttribute –> @”Author” PDFDocumentSubjectAttribute –> @”Subject” PDFDocumentCreatorAttribute –> @”Creator” PDFDocumentProducerAttribute –> @”Producer” PDFDocumentCreationDateAttribute –> @”CreationDate” PDFDocumentModificationDateAttribute –> @”ModDate” PDFDocumentKeywordsAttribute –> @”Keywords”

I haven’t tested all of these, but the ones I have seem to be valid. Feel free to edit this out once Apple fixes the bug. :)