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Hey, y’all!

I’m trying to make a mail client, but I cannot get it to work. I have tried with several different socket-classes (SmallSockets, NetSocket..) but what happens is all the time the same:

What’s wrong?? I really need some help here! It’s not my server, nor my computer, since I tried doing the same with the telnet command in the terminal, and there it worked just fine.

Please help me!


Are you perhaps not sending the CR/LF pair to end the user line (i.e. @”USER **’@***.com\r\n”)?

Alternatively, I believe the Pantomime framework (available at ) implements POP3 retrieval (in addition to a lot of the other low-level gruntwork involved in email handling) if you don’t feel like implementing it yourself. – Bo

Oh, I just think I’ve forgotten all about the CRLF-combination.. Major thanks! =) –AntonKiland

I cannot seem to find any documentation for Pantomime anywhere.. Anyone who can help me out here? Huge thanks! –AntonKiland

Seems to be one of those ‘the source code is the documentation’ situations. While I haven’t tested Pantomime at all, the sequence of commands for POP3 retrieval seems to be:

*Create a POP3Store using the -initWithName:port: to specify the server and -authenticateWithUsername:password: to specify the username and password. Both these methods are part of the Service protocol that POP3Store implements *Call -defaultFolder (declared in the Store protocol) on the POP3Store to retrieve the folder. *Call -allMessages on the POP3Folder object returned in the last step to get the messages. Look at the Folder.h header to see all the other various methods supported by POP3Folder. *Look in the Message.h and Part.h to see the various operations you can perform on the messages.

You’ll probably also have to spawn a new thread to do this in since these POP3 commands all seem to be synchronous. Truth be told, using this framework, for POP3 at least, seems like more work than a simple wrapper around NetSocket. – Bo