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Describe PalmOSDevelopment here. - It’s frustrating!

From a discussion on PalmOS:

Slightly off-topic for CocoaDev, but I have yet to find any way to develop PalmOS programs on MacOSX. Could someone point me in the right direction? (feel free to remove this if it’s too OT) – BrianMoore

Simplicity offers a Java tool called Simplicity for Palm that is good (as well as Simplicity for MIDP, which will work for both Palm and Windows PDAs). I use both on Mac OS X. The only problem is that you cannot create .prc files on a Mac – you need a PC to do that. :-P Of course, you can probably do that step on VirtualPC. – ScottSteinman

Check out the page: prc-tools is a gcc-based environment for palm dev. It works well enough on OS X, except for a problem I’ve been having with PalmBlueToothDevelopment. If anyone knows some secrets, please post on that page! Thanks…

– MichaelMcCracken