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In the latest available build of Panther (7B21), there is a horrendous bug that seems to originate from the text subsystem. It is applicable in a couple of apps, and one finds themselves banging their heads against the wall in disgust. It isn’t the text system. It is the font. In this build, Monaco and Courier are broken… with a very strange bug, but Courier New is OK, so just switch all the affected apps over to using that font and you can continue as normal.

(Sorry for the brevity in the description of this bug, but it is NDA’d software. Anyone who is affected will know what I am talking about. I just wanted to make people aware of the workaround)

I’ve noticed this… it seems 11pt and larger are OK, but 10pt and smaller are indeed affected. That’s a good thing to know, because it doesn’t seem to actually include Courier New. –AdamAtlas