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Does any one know where I can get a list of all the different builds of Panther that are out there? seems to be keeping up with the builds seeded to developers. Here are the following seeds (as far as I know)

7a179 (seeded to developers at WWDC on June 23, 2003) 7a202 (seeded to developers through software update July 11, 2003) 7b21 (seeded to developers July 26, 2003) 7b25 (seeded for localization testing, not seeded to developers) 7b28 (seeded to developers August 5, 2003) 7b34 (seeded to localization testers on August 10, 2003, but not to developers and testers via the Apple Developer Connection Web site) 7b39 (seeded to developers August 17, 2003) 7b44 (seeded to developers August 21, 2003) 7b49 (seeded to developers August 27, 2003) 7b53 (seeded to developers on September 1, 2003) 7b55 (seeded to selected localization testers September 1, 2003) 7b59 (seeded to developers September 6, 2003) 7b68 (seeded to developers September 12, 2003) 7b74 (seeded to developers September 20, 2003) 7B85 Final release October 24, 2003

7b80: No “pre-release”?

Thanks a million.

A complete list of build numbers (from Kodiak to Tiger) can be found at the following links: