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I’m new to cocoa (in terms of really trying to learn useful stuff) and am trying to decide if notifiers, delegates or subclasses are what I need.

I have a core data app with a url field. I have a WebView. I’d like to update the webview when the field is changed, or the selection in the NSTableView is changed. I can do it in all three ways, but am looking for general pattern tips that work best with both KVC/KVO and MVC.

The easiest way is to (in IB) Control-Drag a connection from the field to the web view and connect it to the takeStringURLFrom: action.

Thanks! That seems to work with a field but not with a NSTableView and its selections?

Wow, by luck I found tableViewSelectionDidChange: wayyyyyyyy down at the bottom of:

How awful, none of the delegate stuff is linked to at the top of the document. Ugh.