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Hi, All–

I’m creating a new app which has to be able to have full permissions to make changes to folders at the root of a remote volume currently mounted on the desktop. I know there’s a way to do this, as I’ve seen other apps which seem to be able to do it, without prior setup on the remote machine, but simply an install on the local machine, but I can’t see how. Anyone?

Also, no matter what I do, I can’t get the damn “Describe PermissionsQuestion here.” out of this page…grr!

Odd, it goes away fine when I edit it. What browser are you using?

Yes, it looks like you did…thanks :) I’ve actually edited a couple of other posts, and one or two character edits or removing one line or a carriage return don’t seem to take. I have to write a whole line or two…

Safari (of course )

BTW, I have a bit more information and may be able to pose my question in a more defined way. I think what I’m trying to do is discover the IP addresses of other machines on the network…w/o using Rendezvous…from 1 local machine, logged in as an admin. I’ve been told there are several ways to do this…I only need one :)

Are you the one asking this question on darwin-dev? That seems like the best place.

Yep…that’s me…I’ve been asking everywhere I can. This really seems to be quite a sticky issue.

Please excuse any double-posts for those who read both :)

Can’t be done. That’s why Rendezvous was invented: because what you want to do cannot be done. Im. Possible.