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Please help me How to get PicHandle I can get image Width, Height,Resolution&image data Buffer.But I don’t know How to get “PicHandle”. I do it in this way —-

//**************************// 2003-10-5 GetImageHandle
Return PicHandle //**************************’//


PicHandle hSMPicHandle; hSMPicHandle=nil; unsigned Picsize;

// 24bit color picture Picsize= ImageHeight* ImageWidth*3 ; // Get image size;

// imageBlock.pBuffer: The memory address that holds the image data. //get image data DS_RETURNCODE result = [[SMClient shareSMClient ] SMQueryBlock:&imageBlock];
if (result != DSRC_SCANDONE && result != DSRC_SCANMORE) { NSLog(@”QueryBlock failed. result = %d”,result); return nil;

OpenCPicParams Parameter; PicHandle TempPicHandle; Handle dataHandle;

//Init Parameter [self SetupOpenCPicture:&Parameter];

dataHandle= NewHandle(Picsize+sizeof(PicHandle));

TempPicHandle= OpenCPicture(&Parameter); /* // (TemPicHandle).picSize=40 is error //(TemPicHandle) is error // //I thank (**TemPicHandle).picFrame values should equal to Paramteter-> Paramteter ->srcRect.left Paramteter ->srcRect.bottom Paramteter ->srcRect.right */

// move Header information to dataHandle BlockMoveData(TempPicHandl,dataHandle,sizeof(PicHandle));

// move image data to dataHandle; BlockMoveData(imageBlock.pBuffer,*dataHandle+sizeo(PicHandle ),Picsize);


return hSMPicHandle; }

//**************************// 2003-10-5 SetupOpenCPicture Init. “OpenCPicParams” structure Return NULL //**************************’//

-(void) SetupOpenCPicture:(OpenCPicParams*) pOpenCPara{ pOpenCPara->; pOpenCPara->srcRect.left=0; pOpenCPara->srcRect.bottom=(short) Image.Height;//1170 pOpenCPara->srcRect.right=(short) Image.Width;//840 pOpenCPara->hRes= Image.xResolution; //150 pOpenCPara->vRes= Image.yResolution;//150 pOpenCPara->version=-2; pOpenCPara->reserved1=0; pOpenCPara->reserved2=0; }

Please help me —- Thank you for posting your code. What error(s) are you getting?

This strikes me as the sort of thing that would have much more success on carbon-dev or the CarbonDev wiki or some other Carbon-oriented forum. Feel free to keep trying here, but it’s really a Carbon question and I am personally clueless about it.

Be advised that Apple deprecated QuickDraw in Tiger. If you can avoid using it in new projects, you should do so.

You probably don’t want to name your method “GetImageHandle” : Method names should start with a lower case letter. “Get” has a reserved meaning different for the meaning implied in your code.