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Hi All, I’ve been recently working with Plists and I have a NSMatrix (2 radio buttons) and i was wondering how to set in my Plist which is the selected cell/RadioButton??

I’m assuming your plist is a dictionary.

// Assume these are initialized elsewhere NSDictionary *myPlist; NSMatrix *myMatrix;

If your matrix is horizontal, do this:

NSNumber *selectedRow; selectedRow = [NSNumber numberWithInt:[myMatrix selectedRow]];

[myPlist setObject:selectedRow forKey:@”SelectedRow”];

or if it’s vertical:

NSNumber * selectedColumn; selectedColumn = [NSNumber numberWithInt:[myMatrix selectedColumn]];

[myPlist setObject:selectedColumn forKey:@”SelectedColumn”];

– Ibson

My NSMatrix is horizontal and the above code worked. Thanks alot… Now after reading from the plist file how do i assign the value? I ahave tried this but does not work..

[myMatrix selectCellWithTag:(int)[prefs objectForKey:@”SelectedRow”]];