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Do you regularly write UnitTest**’s when programming in Cocoa?

What is a unit test? (0) I don’t know how (4) ++++ I have tried but… (8) ++++++++ I don’t like it (4) ++++ I do unit tests (13) +++++++++++++ I intend to start (1) +

You get only one (1) point to add where it fits best. Add your point and add one + char in the graph.

Wouldn’t “I have tried it but�” be the same as either “I don’t know how” or “I don’t like it”? Not necessarily. I could be that “I know how, I like it, but circumstances employeer make it impractical”

For those of you who do not know, a UnitTest is used to automatically test your code and is usually written before the code to drive developement. For more information see: UnitTesting, UnitTest,

Also see ObjCUnit, OCUnit, TestKit, UnitKit

Discussion at UnitTestingProsAndCons.

Also note that Apple used Unit Testing during development of Core Data:

This contrasts with Will Shipley’s aversion to the practice: