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I’ve looked through CocoaDev and StepWise, but I can’t seem to find an answer to my question. I have an NSPopUpButton that holds a list of items. What I want it to do is when the user changes the selection, something to happen. It will (at this time in my future planning) be that it changes the current tab in an NSTabView. Anyone have an idea?

Here’s one - read the basic Cocoa introduction documentation. :-) That’s not meant to be a mean response, but rather a realistic one. This is a very basic question, the answer to which is some of the very basics of Cocoa development.

Read a good intro here:

Additionally - you asked this same question on the cocoa-dev mailing list and received an answer there too. You’ll do yourself no favors by asking for code for the basics, since you’ll be doing this very thing very often when creating an application. Best to learn the basics thoroughly if you expect to get anywhere with Cocoa (or any) development.