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Does anyone know how to make a button like the tools button in finder.

I have the graphical buttons (Up/Down state) but when I try to use this in IB, it looks ugly.

I want to be able to have my design of the popup button but still have the menu.


What, specifically, are you looking for? I don’t know what the “Tools” button is. I don’t have any such button in my Finder. What is the behavior you’re seeking?

If you (in panther at least) open a new Finder window, you have from left top (Left right) then the group of three views and then a Tools Menu (This has a jagged wheel and a small down arrow).

If I in IB create a window and a button that has this look, I can only have a menu appear with ctrl-click

If I add a pop upi menu and alter the settings to a borderless popup button with the same grapics as the button above, the graphics get’s screwed up. I guess there is a way in the code to fix this??


If you can wait, reportedly this will be a standard IB-supplied control in Tiger

Oh well, I wanted to be compatible with other OS X Versions and they seem to have done this in Mail.App Opening the NIB of the mailbox drawer they have a pop up meny nib element as a “place-holder” and I guess they overlay it in the code.