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Just trying to see if the mouse is within my tableview when a particular method is called, here’s my code it is within an NSView subclass,

NSPoint widgetOrigin = [self frame].origin; NSPoint widgetOriginInWindowCords = [self convertPoint:widgetOrigin toView:nil]; NSPoint windowOrigin = self window] frame].origin; [[NSPoint widgetOriginOnScreen = NSMakePoint(windowOrigin.x + widgetOriginInWindowCords.x, windowOrigin.y + widgetOriginInWindowCords.y);

NSRect rectForSelfOnScreen = NSMakeRect(widgetOriginOnScreen.x, widgetOriginOnScreen.y, [self frame].size.width, [self frame].size.height);

NSLog(@”The rect on screen is %f %f %f %f “, widgetOriginOnScreen.x, widgetOriginOnScreen.y, [self frame].size.width, [self frame].size.height);

if (NSMouseInRect([NSEvent mouseLocation], rectForView, NO)) { …do something… }

I just need a second pair of eyes, this is about the 7th try i’ve had at this code, it started out just using convertRect: fromView:.

It just doesn’t seem to tell me whether the pointer is indeed within the view (which is ‘self’ in the example above), but gives me strange results.



Try NSWindow’s convertBaseToScreen: method instead of all that NSMakePoint(…) stuff. Also, while maybe your code should work, make sure you know if your view is flipped…if it is, your y-value would be completely off. –JediKnil