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Does anyone know how to set the location of the mouse? I am attempting to make resize code as accurate as possible so i must place the cursor at a specific point at the start of the resize.


Controlling the Mouse Cursor

Followup, the code I used to position the cursor is the following:


Out of curiosity, won’t this (as is) potentially fail (not fail, but cause erratic cursor behavior); depending on how the user has their displays setup?

Do cursors no longer have any concept of hot points, like they did back in the ResEdit days? It would seem that such a concept would be there precisely to make sure that things will line up properly…

Why not look at the documentation? NSCursor has a method -initWithImage:hotSpot:

I think the original poster is going to try to resize a window by programmatically moving and clicking the mouse. Oh dear.

… or he’s trying to resize something in a drawing view. Either way, this is a horribly overcomplicated way of going about it. I recommend he re-read the related documentation.