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Somebody needs help, so he posts a long description of what he’s doing. Of course, it’s all in English, and so necessarily leaves out a great many details. Hence, the reaction of a typical person who wants to help but is unable: PostYourCode!

If you need help with something or are observing strange behavior and the relevant code is small enough to put on your page, please post it! It’s extremely helpful for those who want to help you with your problem.

Help me help you. Help. Me. Help. You. :-)

CharlieMiller posted this suggestion:

Pages describing classes should give an EXAMPLE of how to use the class, to help people who still have a little bit of confusion. I know I could use an example every so often. I did this with the NSMovie page, and I think I will add this to all the ones I can think of which don’t already have them. I think it should be a standard for this page to have an example use section for each class or struct, so we can help newbies like myself :P.

To which someone responded:

It’s a good idea. I’d suggest two things. One, learn a little more about the formatting commands on this site, it’ll make your examples much more readable. Two, don’t just run through all the pages on CocoaDev throwing examples together. If you’re learning a new class and make a little example to help you learn it, and you feel that example pulls a few things together that will help newbies get a grasp of the class, *only then should you post that example up. If you haven’t just learned the class right then, your example will probably end up unhelpful. If you learned it solely to post an example, ditto.*