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I’ve been working on an app on my PowerBook GeeFour for a while now and it builds and runs fine.

This morning I tried to copy the project onto my work machine, a GeeFour tower. When I try to build it I get a cascade of errors (2128 total), begining with:

“Precompiled header is invalid; header file /System/Library/Frameworks/Cocoa.framework/Headers/Cocoa.h is now different.”

Both machines are running OS X 10.2.6. What do I need to do?

When I try to compile my project, I get exactly 2128 errors. And you can see a screenshot here : (invalid link)

I don’t know what to do. The only advice I don’t want to read is : “Buy Panther”. Remember that I’m poor and can’t afford it… yet…

– Trax

Delete the build folder and recompile.

I’d just like to add my heartfelt thanks for the suggestion above. After working on a project for some days, I found suddenly that I could no longer build it- the compile would hang up half way through, with whirling coloured cursor. The only way out of this was to force-quit Project Builder.

I deleted the build folder as recommended above, and that fixed the problem. Thank you!

Ronald Cox