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How does one make the preference panes like iTunes? I guess they are bundles.. How is the framework used and called?

This is nothing magical. Especially for Panther and up (doing the shaded selected toolbar item thing). It’s probably good practice to have the preference panel in a separate nib, but not strictly necessary. You have the prefs window and one NSView for each panel. Depending on the selected toolbar item, view 1 is removed from the window’s contentview, the window is resized (animate:YES) to view 2’s frame size, then view2 is added to the view. Makes for a simple and pretty prefs panel.

Check out AutoWindowResizing and (most importantly) use the search function for more information here.

Look in ObjectLibrary for UKPrefsPanel. There’s also a bit of UndocumentedGoodness called NSPreferences, but you’re safer with code you actually control.

Just use an NSToolbar, and change the window’s content view when a different tab is selected.

Many thanks for the help!!

Check out this post for a working version of what you’re describing: