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I’ve recently upgraded my mac to Tiger ( Upgrade for Jag ) and am haveing a few dramas.

I Don’t know if Xcode2.0 has broken something but whenever i go to comile i get the error

/usr/bin/ld: Undefined symbols: .objc_class_name_Object _objc_msgSend collect2” ld returned 1 exit status

here is the code i’m trying to compile ( yes i’m just starting out with Ojective C )

Thanks In Advance.

#import <objc/Object.h> #import

@interface Point: Object { int x; int y; }

-(void) setX: (int) xVal; -(void) setY: (int) yVal;

-(int) x; -(int) y; @end

@implementation Point; -(void) setX: (int) xVal { x = xVal; }

-(void) setY: (int) yVal { y = yVal; }

-(int) x { return x; }

-(int) y { return y; } @end

int main (int argc, char *argv[]) { Point *pt1, *pt2;

    pt1 = Point alloc] init];
    pt2 = [[Point alloc] init];

    // set first point to (100, 200)

    [pt1 setX: 100];
    [pt1 setY: 200];

    // set second point to (-20, 55)

    [pt2 setX: -20];
    [pt2 setY: 55];

    // retrieve and display values

    printf ("Pt1 = (%i, %i)\n", [pt1 x], [pt1 y]);
    printf ("Pt2 = (%i, %i)\n", [pt2 x], [pt2 y]);

    // release their memory
    [pt1 free];
    [pt2 free];

    return 0; }

Note to original poster; bracket your code in \%\%BEGINCODE\%\% … \%\%ENDCODE\%\%, otherwise it’s impossible to read. See [[TextFormattingRules.

You probably need to link against libobjc by adding -lobjc to your compiler flags. How are you compiling this code?

If you’re just starting out with ObjC, you’d probably find it easier using the Cocoa NS* classes.

Thanks alot for your help, linking with -lobjc did the trick, compiles with no dramas now, now i can stop pulling my hair out.