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The title says it all. I need to programmatically create / connect VPN connections without running Internet Connect. I have looked at the MoreSCF modules - in fact I am using some of that to create/connect PPP links. However, there is no documentation or sample code for VPN configuration or link management. Anyone have any info on what’s required ?

Thanks - Alec

Have you considered AppleScript?

Or type “man pppd” in the terminal…

Have you considered AppleScript?

Yes, the problem is that AppleScript will run Internet Connect, something I want to avoid (if possible).

Or type “man pppd” in the terminal…

I have the pppd sources (available on darwin) - this will get me connected, but not configured… ):

create an xml-plist file with the extension .internetconnect

to understand the format, manually create an entry and then export it.

Hi you guys:

I have a similar concern, I would like to utilze pppd to have my Darwin (v.8) clients connect to my VPN server (PPTP protocl) and was wondering what is the correct syntax with the following features: VPN PPTP, Chap, 128-bit mppe, and remote user id & pass. It is noteworthy to say that the clients connect to the server through broadband connection and not dial up.

Appreciate any help on this matter.


What type of VPN is the original question referring to? IPSec, PPTP, PPTP over IPSec, or some other? (Sorry Nawaf, I don’t use PPTP, so I can’t help there).

If you are trying to establish an IPSec VPN, Mac OS X uses a tool called “racoon” to set up the IPSec session. I don’t know about programmatically doing that.. I think most tools just do the config file setup, then exec racoon. Note that racoon needs admin privileges to function.