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Is it possible to get the spinning progress indicator images like this?

[[[NSTableView _defaultTableHeaderSortImage] TIFFRepresentation] writeToFile: @”/sort-up.tiff” atomically: YES];

I don’t know, is it? You just gave exact code, and you’re just a compile and a run away from finding out if it works!

Yes but that is a NSTableView sort image, and not the spinning progress…..:)

Ah, I see. The question was unclear. Sorry about the misunderstanding.

The images for widgets like this are buried somewhere in the system folder. A little googling will turn up dozens of sites that tell you where these system resources are …

Yes i know its unsupported

// assuming ‘progress’ is a spinning indicator (or any view, really)…

The made the last doe work by doing some modifications. wha?? -I’ve looked trough it again and your code is working, I dont know what i did…..


btw: [NSProgressIndicator _resizedImage:] didnt work…..

How so? It worked when I tried it.

I get an error when i compile….

And the error is ummm…. what?

Please, don’t say “missing argument” - we’d have to disown you ;)

-[[[NSProgressIndicator _resizedImage:] TIFFRepresentation] writeToFile: @”/sort-up.tiff” atomically: YES];

[[[NSProgressIndicator _resizedImage:] TIFFRepresentation] writeToFile: @”/sort-up.tiff” atomically: YES];

I’ve tried both of them and the error is: * parse error before ‘]’ token*

The line -[NSProgressIndicator _resizedImage:] is standard objective-C notation. It refers to a method that you could call like this:

NSImage *image = [progressIndicator _resizedImage:0];

where progressIndicator is an instance of NSProgressIndicator.