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Well, I did the Currency Converter the other night. And last night I made a program that takes what you inputed, and multiplies it by 12. Nothing serious, but I did it by scratch, and I actually got it to work. I’m having a little trouble right now, because in previous programming, I have never had to mess with header files. It confuses me sometimes. What is the purpose of a header file compared to the main file. Maybe sound like a dumb question but oh well. I’m gonna start small with the programs, and work up from there. I don’t know what I’m gonna do next, but when I get home I’m just gonna fiddle with it. I got nothing to do for about 5 hours, girlfriend working, parents going away for weekend, brother going away for weekend, me all alone. So it’s gonna be me and the computer for a while. Anybody got some small project ideas I could do. Thanks……

There are a bunch over at NewbieProjectIdeas.

Oh sweet, thanks dude.

Also, research artificial life/intelligence, and devise game A.I.s which can beat your friends at StarCraft.

One tip, don’t give up if you get frustrated. Some times it’ll take days to do the smallest thing. But believe me it’s very rewarding. If you find you’re enjoying this then you might want to take a C/C++ programming course. There’s lots of these evening courses and I find I learn a lot faster in class then on my own. –SaileshAgrawal

I’m so proud of myself… helping newbies with NewbieProjectIdeas. :D