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It’s pretty obvious, but the more people we can get participating here, the more useful this site becomes. I’ve posted a couple of times to macosx-dev about this place, but I don’t want to become a pest there. Anyone have any creative ideas on how to get more people here?

One thing that could work is if you see a question posted on a mailing list that is answered here, reply with a CocoaDev URL to get them into the site.

Alternatively, if the question is NOT answered here, but you know the answer: add a page containing the answer, and then send them the link. :) (Preferably the page should make sense on its own, outside the context of the question.)

– StevenFrank

While not everybody will want to do this, one of my numerous e-mail signatures is a plug for our operation here.

Hopefully, we’ll see some more newbies looking for programming pointers on the OS X lists, and we can direct them here as well as StepWise, CocoaDevCentral, and the soon-to-be-released O’Reilly book on Cocoa.

But yes…we should start mentioning CocoaDev more as a response to questions on the lists. Perhaps one day we’ll have people saying “RTFCDP” (Read The Freaking CocoaDev Page) in response to dumb questions :)

– RobRix

Just out of curiosity: Do we have some “lurkers” who just hang around to get information or is the site mainly frequented by the people on CocoaDevUsers?

– JensBaumeister

I haven’t really been paying attention to the stats, but my impression is that while there may be a few lurkers, the majority of the accesses come from people who enter themselves as CocoaDevUsers.

– StevenFrank

…lurk… lurk… lurk…

the CVS thing caught my eye…

– esammer

Well, we got some more users and lurkers out of my most recent post to the cocoa-dev list. Good news and bad, as seen by the CocoaDevToDoList…

Well, wheels continue to turn in my head. We shall get more publicity sooner or later, I’m sure of it :)

– RobRix