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How do I programmatically link to my app’s help docs, and ask it to load a specific page? Or, on the side, could I load a web site with Safari? … How do I do either of those things in code when the user clicks on the purple button?

It’d be better to open it in the help book. Add this IBAction somewhere and then hook it up:

- (IBAction)displayHelp:sender {
[[NSHelpManager sharedHelpManager] openHelpAnchor:@"YOUR_HELP_ANCHOR_HERE" inBook:@"YOUR_HELP_BOOK_TITLE_HERE"]; }

– AndyMatuschak

Would anyone mind posting an example of what a help anchor looks like in a help book? Is it just a standard HTML anchor or does it have special requirements?

Yeah, it’s just a standard HTML anchor (though you have to run it through the help indexer for it to be able to find them). Feel free to consult Pixen’s docs ( – kinda in beta) for reference. – AndyMatuschak