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Has anyone been able to get QTMovieView to play a movie with transparency without it drawing a background color?

With NSMovieView, I can load a movie with transparency into an NSMovieView in a transparent NSWindow (set using [window setOpaque:NO] and [window setBackgroundColor:[NSColor clearColor]]) and it when played, it will essentially composite the movie over top of whatever other windows were visible behind it.

I have had no success in trying to get QTMovieView to behave simmilarly. If I set the view’s fill color to be clear (using [movieView setFillColor:[NSColor clearColor]]), when I load a movie with transparency, it will draw the background as white. If I set the fill color in Interface Builder to be a clear color, the view will initially appear transparent, but as soon as I load a movie, it will draw a white background. I can’t find anything in the documentation for either QTMovieView or QTMovie that has to do with allowing transparency.

I would really prefer to use the QTKit classes over NSMovieView because of their expanded functionality, but I really need transparent Quicktime playback for an application I’m writing. Has anyone had any luck making QTMovieView play nice with transparency?


It doesn’t really answer your question, but you can use QuartzComposer and a QuartzComposer view to accomplish what you want. You can also do it yourself programatically using OpenGL an QT.