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Hi people…

I wanted to get a QuickTime bar to play a MP3 in my app. So I took a sample code from somewhere (I don’t remember, I will add it here if I find it) and I tweaked it to fit in my code.

Now, I want to be able to move the reading head accurately on the bar. For example, move the head to the timer “2:45.12”.

I read the QuickTime API documentation, but argh, it’s about 4000 pages long. I’m lost. Has anyone did something like this before ? Or anyone that has experience with QuickTime calls. Any hint will be appreciated… Thanks…

– Trax

You might want to take a look at

void SetMovieTime ( Movie theMovie, const TimeRecord *newtime );

and to get the TimeRecord, try using GetMovieTime.

It’s from and

Here’s something that might work if you’re using an NSMovie.

#import <QuickTime/QuickTime.h>

NSMovie *theMovie; // assume this exists Movie qtMovie = [theMovie QTMovie];

if (EnterMovies() == noErr) { TimeRecord timeRecord; TimeValue currentTime = GetMovieTime(qtMovie, &timeRecord); // do something with timeRecord and/or currentTime SetMovieTime(qtMovie, timeRecord); }

Keep in mind that I’ve never used the QuickTime APIs in my life :).