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Is there any way to get all supported Quicktime media extensions like .mov .mp3 and so on?

Thank you

Yep. I don’t have sample code right now, but maybe you can find some on . The idea is to enumerate the list of open QuickTime components and ask for their supported file types and/or extensions. Something like this:

Component component = NULL; ComponentDescription looking; NSCharacterSet *spaceSet = [NSCharacterSet characterSetWithCharactersInString:@” “];

looking.componentType = MovieImportType; looking.componentSubType = 0; // Any subtype is OK looking.componentManufacturer = 0; // Any manufacturer is OK looking.componentFlags = movieImportSubTypeIsFileExtension; looking.componentFlagsMask = movieImportSubTypeIsFileExtension;

while (component = FindNextComponent(component, &looking)) { ComponentDescription description;

if (GetComponentInfo(component, &description, NULL, NULL, NULL) == noErr) {
    // the extension is present in the description.componentSubType field, which really holds
    // a 32-bit number. you need to convert that to a string, and trim off any trailing spaces.
    // here's a quickie...
    char ext[5] = {0};
    NSString *extension;

    bcopy(&description.componentSubType, ext, 4);

    extension = [[NSString stringWithCString:ext] stringByTrimmingCharactersInSet:spaceSet];

    // do something with extension here ...    
} }

If you get this working, please post better sample code. Thanks!

– MikeTrent

Thanks Mike,

It really works!