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I recently had need to add Subversion support to my app, which uses RTFD to store certain files, so I thought my solution might be of use to others.


My app uses a package as its file format, which stores lots of individual RTFD files representing different text documents the user has created within my rich-text program. Some of my users wanted to use Subversion or CVS to collaborate on projects using my program. However, the RTFD file format is not very amenable to Subversion or CVS. The problem is that RTFD files are usually saved like this:

NSFileWrapper *rtfdWrapper = textView textStorage] [[RTFDFileWrapperFromRange:all documentAttributes:nil]; [rtfdWrapper writeToFile:path atomically:YES updateFilenames:YES];

The “problem” is that NSFileWrapper completely overwrites what was already there. Subversion and CVS work by placing a hidden .svn or .cvs folder inside the RTFD directory, so when the above gets called, the .svn or .cvs folder gets annihilated, and all versioning information for the RTFD file is lost.


The obvious solution for this is to write an NSFileWrapper category that checks for the existence of a .cvs or .svn directory and preserves it if necessary. So, here is my implementation of such a category:


#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>

@interface NSFileWrapper (SVNAdditions)



#import “NSFileWrapper_SVNAdditions.h”

@implementation NSFileWrapper (SVNAdditions)


Using this category, the RTFD file is written as follows:

SFileWrapper *rtfdWrapper = textView textStorage] [[RTFDFileWrapperFromRange:all documentAttributes:nil]; [rtfdWrapper writeToFile:path atomically:YES updateFilenames:YES preserveSVN:YES];

This preserves any .svn or .cvs directories that have been created inside the RTFD package, and makes the RTFD format viable for users of Subversion or CVS.

I hope that is of use to somebody else. :) KB