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Does anybody know of any code out there that would allow me to export to RTF or .doc format from a text view/attributed string in such a way that images, tables and attachments are preserved?

Currently, -docFormatFromRange:documentAttributes:, -RTFFromRange:documentAttributes, and Tiger’s new -dataFromRange:documentAttributes:error all cause the loss of images etc on export.

Yes, I know that I can always export to RTFD, but my program really needs to export to a format that Microsoft Word recognises (because users will most likely be sending exported files to Windows users), and sadly, MS Word - even on OS X - does not recognise RTFD files.

Both RTF and .doc formats do support inline images, but sadly, Apple have yet to improve their own export methods (such as those mentioned above) so that they are fully compatible with these formats.

Any ideas?

Thanks! KB

How about HTML? As of 10.4, NSAttributedString can write HTML (using the dataFromRange:… or fileWrapperFromRange:… methods). If you use the file wrapper method, it might be smart enough to save the embedded images as separate files in the file wrapper, with relative paths from the actual document. When you writet he file wrapper to disk, you’d get a directory and all of the appropriate files inside. I don’t know if it really will save the images, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks for the reply. I tried this, but it didn’t work either. However (he says, months later), I have found a solution, and it is rather simple. I spent some time looking at the RTF specs here:

(The relevant part is the “Pictures” section, obviously.) I also had a look inside a NIsus RTF file in BBEdit (because Nisus RTFs do support images). I finally figured out that the way to do it was simply insert the relevant RTF formatting code into a saved RTF myself, like this:

[NSString stringWithFormat:@”{\*\shppict {\pict \jpegblip %@}}”, hexString]

(Note that you can replace “jpegblip” with “pngblip” for PNG data.)

The RTF file will then open in Word, Nisus or Mellel with images intact. Frankly, I have no idea why Apple haven’t already added this to their existing RTF methods… Anyway, when I’ve got all my code tidied up, I will hopefully post an NSAttributedString category here that does all this for anyone who cares. :) KB

Thanks for the psudo code KB, very helpful. I wrote up the function for a category.


static const char *const digits = “0123456789abcdef”;