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I am having a difficult time creating Radio Buttons programmatically. I have created an NSMatrix and set its mode to NSRadioModeMatrix. The cellClass is NSButtonCell. Here is the code:

thepushbuttons = [[NSMatrix alloc]initWithFrame:NSMakeRect(25,169,269,34) mode:NSRadioModeMatrix cellClass:[NSButtonCell class] numberOfRows:2 numberOfColumns:1];

This code alone will add two regular rectangle buttons. I guess what I am looking for are examples of radio buttons created without IB. Can anyone post an example or point me in the right direction.



Not sure if I can suggest too much for you, but you might try setting something up in a new .nib in IB and then loading it manually at runtime and calling whatever methods are needed on the NSMatrix instance therein. Personally, if I’ve got to do AppKit stuff like this programmatically, I always try to build whatever I can in IB just so as to give myself a bit of a head start… – RobRix

I figured it out. Here is the code that works. I hope this can help someone else out in the future.

NSButtonCell *thepushbutton; 
thepushbutton = [[[NSButtonCell alloc] init] autorelease]; 
[thepushbutton setButtonType:NSRadioButton]; 
[thepushbutton setTitle:@"title"]; 

thepushbuttons = [[NSMatrix alloc]initWithFrame:NSMakeRect(25,169,269,34)

[thepushbuttons selectCellAtRow:0 column:0]; //which cell to work with
thepushbuttons selectedCell] setTag:0]; //set tag if needed
[[thepushbuttons selectedCell] setTitle:@"titleOne"]; //set title 
[thepushbuttons selectCellAtRow:1 column:0]; //work with a different cell now
[[thepushbuttons selectedCell] setTag:1]; // set tag if needed
[[thepushbuttons selectedCell] setTitle:@"titleTwo"]; //set title

[thepushbuttons sizeToFit]; //sizes the Radio Buttons such that the title's can be included 
[self addSubview:thepushbuttons]; // add to the [[NSView provided that 'self' is an NSView object