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I have created a file using Java Bridge in objective C and am reading the file using pure Java. Problem is that readObject() produces an IOException(), but only when the file is on a remote machine (applet reads file ok when file is on local machine, running in project builder works fine too).

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Here is a snippet.

// write to file using java bridge in objective C

javaFileOutputStream = [[NSClassFromString(@””) newWithSignature:@”(Ljava/lang/String;)”,@”myfile”] autorelease];

javaObjectOutputStream = [[NSClassFromString(@””) newWithSignature:@”(Ljava/io/OutputStream;)”, javaFileOutputStream] autorelease];

[javaObjectOutputStream writeObject: jMap]; //jMap is a TreeMap object [javaObjectOutputStream flush]; [javaFileOutputStream close];

// read from file using pure java

aURL = new URL(getDocumentBase(), “myfile”); // this works is = new FileInputStream (aURL.openStream()); // this works obInputStream = new ObjectInputStream( is ); // this works

/* following line works when run on project builder, web browser with local files but not when file is on remove machine */

aTreeMap = (TreeMap) obInputStream.readObject();

thanks & regards, PeterFerrett