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Hi I am trying to get a listing of a folder using NSFileManager’s subpathsAtPath command. Then when I get a listing in a NSArray I use loops to weed out certain file paths. After that I use copyPath to copy the files to a new location. All this works fine but when I do it everything in the GUI freezes. Nothing is responsive. Even when I put in ways of updating information through NSProgressIndicator and NSTextFields as shown below, it still does not work. Is there anyway to run these commands in the background or in a way so the GUI will still be responsive?



NSFileManager *manager = [NSFileManager defaultManager];

NSArray *homeFiles=[manager subpathsAtPath:path];

for (x=1;x<=[newFiles count];x++){

[backupStatusBar incrementBy:(100/[newFiles count])];

[statusField setStringValue:[@"Copying: " stringByAppendingString:[newFiles objectAtIndex:x-1]]];

[manager copyPath:[path stringByAppendingString:[newFiles objectAtIndex:x-1]] toPath:[destination stringByAppendingPathComponent:[newFiles objectAtIndex:x-1]] handler:nil];


You may want to look into ThreadWorker since it is an easy way to run background operations and still get notifications when they finish.


I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. I strongly recommend against using either NSFileManager or NSWorkspace for copying files. For example, I never got NSFileManager’s -copyPath: to work in a secondary thread; it would either crash or return immediately after copying only a handful of items. What does work well is FSCopyObject ( ), a bit of sample code for doing filtered directory copies. As a bonus, it supports all HFS+ attributes and it’s blazingly fast (even more so if you turn up kDefaultCopyBufferSize in the code) – Bo