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Apparently I’m the only nitpick here… go on the road for a week and it all goes to hell! :)

Well, thankfully I was able to find a… well, I guess you could call it a computer (or doorstop)… to trim the RecentChanges page somewhat from.

Ahh, silly community. We’ve got some great content, but the structure could use a lot of work (CocoaDevToDoList, anyone?).

Just the rantings of an insomniac, mad as a hatter and more than slightly hungry.

– RobRix

I still maintain a history is vital to Wiki. I’d be a lot happier editing pages if I knew I could get the old version back at will.

On this note: I have produced a modified version the Wiki code for this site to store histories. See WikiVersionHisory – KritTer

Could you please outline what you think has been wrong in the organisation recently?

– DavidRemahl

Well first of all, organisation is correctly spelled as organization. But other than that… –Just kidding! :) Don’t take this as an insult. It’s just like colour and color to folks on different sides of the pond.

[Hehe, I usually adjust my spelling depending on whom I’m talking to, just to avoid this kind of arguments ;)]