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I have an NSTableView which has its background set to be semi transparent in IB. When I add content to the table view, they appear to get drawn twice, giving a ‘boldface’ effect. If I select a row (or drag something over it) it reverts back to its normal, non-bolded self. How can I avoid these double-draws?

(screenshots attached)

normal rendering, eg after selecting the rows

funky double rendering, eg after a new item has been added to the table

hmm…not sure how to do that. I tried [self setNeedsDisplayInRect:[aCell rect]]; - which gives me ‘selector not recognized’ errors

in the controller

“Only Views responds to setNeedsDisplayInRect:; you should send that message to the NSTableView instance, once for every cell needing to be redrawn.”

at what stage would I call this? I have tried at willDisplayCell: