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in CocoaMostWanted, the topic of adding automatic refactoring support was mentioned.

This page is a place to discuss refactoring in cocoa/obj-C.

Refactoring itself is covered really well at the Portland Pattern Repository Wiki:, And lists of refactorings are to be found at: and at

The FreeOnlineDictionaryOfComputing also has an entry:

*Disclaimer: I’m neither a refactoring expert nor an old hand at ObjC, so some of these topics might be mislabeled - please add corrections! -MichaelMcCracken *

It’d be great if some of the more experienced cocoa/objC developers could add to this, to educate the rest of us.

Because of objective C’s smalltalk heritage, and the connection between refactoring and smalltalk, it makes sense that many refactoring transformations can be done easily in objective C.

Are there any ones that are specific to objective C, or even better, specific to idioms in Cocoa?

Here are some ideas: Some of these might be hard to do automatically, but of course refactorings don’t need to be automatic!

It seems like a tradeoff between flexibility and readability - when to use notifications, if you can access the listening object directly?

Any More?

Does anyone know a good refactoring tool for c/obj-c for macosx? If there were any running as PB plug-ins it would be great! It seems that all refactoring tools around are for java only :( Thx – peacha

See the ObjectiveCeeRefactoringProject.