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I’m not even sure to call what I need help with. However, I will explain it.

In my program I have a NSDictionary, one of the dicitonary keys is an array. In this array each object can be an id key or another array depending on the situation. I have a method that is called to when a new item is found and it contains the position of the object down the tree.. so i have a for loop that loops through each position but I need the current MutableArray that the loop is working with. I have figured out how I can do it, just not how it can be implemented.

I figure if I have a variable called previousObject. before the loop starts I set the “previousObject” to the main array then as the loop ends I change “previousObject” to the item of the array that is being worked with at the index specified.

Is there any way I can make previousObject a reference to the array I’m working with, so if I send previousObject an addObject message then it will happen to the array previousObject points to? This seems to be the simplest solution to me and I was wondering if it was possible?

Thanks, it’s much appreciated.


Sure, just make previousObject be an NSMutableArray*. It’s just an object pointer; you can copy those around with =. For example, previousObject = someArray; [previousObject addObject:item]; will add item to someArray.