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Is it possible to use the buttons on the iPod, (Play, Stop, etc.) as input via the FireWire cable for the OS?

Maybe if you’re running Linux on your iPod…

I don’t know about the use of linux on the iPod – I would stay away from it: but I do know for a fact that the iPod does not transmit the key commands back over FireWire. (My advice to leave linux alone, is only valid if you want to continue using your iPod for what it’s meant. If your pod has a dead battery and you don’t want to cough up to cover the “repair”, but want to breathe new functionality into its decomposing carcas, then by all means: uclinux is for you.)

Personally I can’t wait till uCLinux get firewire support for third generation iPods, since despite how great the Apple firmware is, I still miss a few features and the pause between songs are driving me crazy… I really wish that Apple was as devoted to Open Source as they pretend to be and would provide the source for their applications to their users, as that is really what Open Source is about!

Can’t agree more, especially since Microsoft is now jumping on the Open Source boat. =D —- Thanks for the information. —- It’s a real pity it doesn’t - the wheel on G3 iPods would make a killer controller for Tempest.

Good grief…

A Griffin PowerMate would make a better one.